General class axioms

General class axioms are axioms of the form “A is a B” where “A” is not a named class, but a class construct (e.g. an intersection, a union or a restriction).

Creating a general class axiom

One can create a general class axiom as follows:

>>> with onto:
...     gca = GeneralClassAxiom(onto.Disorder & onto.has_location.some(onto.Heart)) # Left side
...     gca.is_a.append(onto.CardiacDisorder) # Right side

The GeneralClassAxiom class take as parameter the left side class construct.

The right side is available as the .is_a attribute. Notice that one may add several right sides, by calling is_a.append multiple times.

The left side is available as the .left_side attribute.

Accessing general class axioms

One can list general class axioms with Ontology.general_class_axioms:

>>> gcas = list(onto.general_class_axioms())

One can then test the left side by comparison, for example:

>>> searched_left_side = onto.Disorder & onto.has_location.some(onto.Heart)
>>> for gca in gcas:
...     if gca.left_side == searched_left_side: print("Found!")