Development installation

Due due legacy compatibility, the development installation needs to be done

  • either manually, by following these steps:

    1. Create a directory (e.g. src/).

    2. Add this directory to the $PYTHONPATH shell variable (= traditional way).

    3. Put Owlready sources in that directory (in a subdirectory named src/owlready2/).

  • or with pip by following these steps:

    1. Create a virtual environment for development and activate it.

    2. Create an directory with an arbitrary name, e.g. mkdir owlready_dev.

    3. Move or cloning the Owlready2 repository into this directory and change into it.

    4. Run pip install -e .[test] inside of this Owlready directory.

    5. In case Python.h is missing, install python3-dev (e.g. sudo apt-get install python3-dev).

    6. Run the script : python inside of this Owlready directory (there are explainations in the script, why this is necessary).

Finally, To test everything, cd into the ‘test’ directory and run python